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Bacardi and Coke. Neat.
Not the usual drink of choice for a mountain dwarf. Then again, Detective Sirgrus Blackmane is no ordinary dwarf—at least not since the Great War. Being a gumshoe during Prohibition might appear glamorous, with secret speakeasies, all-night cocktail parties, and scantily clad women displaying their knees, but crime and conspiracy lurk beneath the city’s shining illusion.
When the human half of the Mason and Blackmane Detective Agency is found dead at the scene of a rum-running bust, Sirgrus vows to find the killer. But this quest for justice leads him straight into a tangled web of underhanded deals with demihuman mobsters who are fighting for control of the rum supply.
And when two more corpses turn up, Sirgrus must work double-time if he wants to find the killer—and avoid turning up dead at the next crime scene.
“Readers are in for some fun.” — Publishers Weekly
“Colorful settings, demihuman characters with depth and a plot full of fun twists make this book an enjoyable and quick read. I’m ready for more.” — Lee Goldberg, Librarian and NetGalley Reviewer
“an absolute delight to discover…It has all the hallmarks of great pulp fiction…” — Justin Bowers, 23rd Legion
“An enjoyable read for those who prefer a less than perfect hero.” — Jayna Wallace, NetGalley Reviewer
“This book made me smile and laugh throughout, as it comes across as a fun genre-mix. The author successfully hit all of the beats expected from that type of story while also including the interesting elements one would expect from a traditional fantasy story. I really enjoyed it.” — Jeremy Fee, Goodreads Reviewer
“There is a lot here to like… I really enjoyed this book…” — Fictitious Threads
“I simply cannot put it down, it is amazing! …it should be a movie! …you will adore it if you like well developed characters and super interesting storylines—get this one, he is a writer to watch!!” — LibraryThing Early Reviewers
“The world building is rich, letting unusual fantasy elements compete with realism, as with agents who use cars instead of dragons, and with revolvers that supplant wands…a unique blend of fantasy and noir that is, at turns, hilarious…” — Foreword Reviews Magazine
“quite unique…an impressive story…I’m looking forward to where we may follow Sirgrus Blackmane next!” — Powder & Page

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