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The Dark Side (The Silver Dragon Chronicles Book 2)
You Can't Escape the Dark Side…
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You Can’t Escape the Dark Side…

The liberation of Summersun brings the wrath of the universe upon the Silver Dragon crew. Sandmen stole away Commander Reynard, and not a single myth in the galaxy speaks of them taking anyone alive—ever.

Political tensions mount across the galaxy, caused by the crew’s direct participation in the assassination of Commodore Micah Donkor and the kidnapping of Princess Aurora. VP-Admiral Maxtin, with the looming death of his old ally and superior Vice-Presidential Admiral Easter, enters a power struggle with Easter’s war-eager new favorite: VP-Admiral Kantian.

While the Silver Dragon crew tries to find a way to search for Reynard and navigate the political upheaval they helped set in motion, the Sandmen besiege them. They manipulate the crew’s already fragile relationships. When crew members begin sabotaging one another, trust wears thin.

The crew members journey across unknown planets, dreamscapes, and even hostile alternate realities to come together and fight beings who use their darkest fears and desires against them.

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